November 07, 2012

i unfortunately have to report that i totally forgot that i was trying to become more flexible but i'll try to go on (there has been no progress unfortunately).
but anyway, today i was watching tv and obama's speech was on (yay obama won ♥♥♥) and in the crowd i saw people whistling with their fingers, and it reminded me of me always wanting to do that, basically every time my pe teacher whistles i think 'damn i want to be able to do that' and also when i'm at concerts. SO i just googled 'how to whistle with your fingers' and i found some websites, here and here. Now i'm just sat here spitting on everything and forgetting to breath (i warn you, headaches and you might even pass out so BREATH). Are you able to whistle with your fingers?


  1. I ALMOST learned how to whistle with my fingers once. I still can't do it, though. My boyfriend can't whistle at all haha

    <3 Melissa

  2. When I try to whistle it's getting..... ok nee ik hou al op. Ik praat ook telkens in Engels tegen je he? Beetje gek.