October 28, 2012

so my testweek went fairly well (except music theory where i usually score 9/10 i now got 4.5/10, complete black out but oh well),
and as i now actually have some free time and i get bored sometimes, i found the website and youtube channel of Tara Stiles and i am now completely in love with everything she does. i don't know if i mentioned but my mum is a yoga teacher so i've always been kinda in to it, and then i found Tara Stiles and now i am completely inspired and want to become more flexible and then learn all these yoga poses she makes. even tho my mum's a yoga teacher my body could best be described as a plank, broom, shovel, or any other unbendable object ( i do do sports but it makes my muscles even tenser so yeh). Today i started stretching for 10 minutes and i'm going to do this every day untill i think i can pull off a split (from half a meter above ground to there, wish me luck). you should totally check Tara out, and like she says 'i hope you're having a wonderful day'.


  1. Who needs music theory? And my body is probably made from steel or something. Terrible. good luck with the split though.

  2. why do you need music theory. and good luck with the think you're doing! ❤