June 21, 2013

perfection is a mythe

but i dream about it anyway. we woke up with the smell of freshly brewed coffee, lighted our cigarettes and went to the balcony. even though we had planned to go out we went right back to bed, where your fingertips followed my shoulders and arms. i had the urge to hug you so hard i'd hurt you, we layed there for hours listening to the radio making fun of bad songs and we danced to the good ones. we went out to get food and sometimes you kissed me on the head. i can only smile when i remember us.


  1. Great post! Great blog, so I'm a new folllower on GFC =)

  2. Perfection is a scary concept, where do you go when you have everything?



  3. that moment sound perfect..is it still a myth.?