March 11, 2013

when i was 14 i met a girl whom i thought was really interesting, 16 years and very artsy. we started talking and had long philosophic conversations and she taught me things about life and inspired me. and one day she told me: 'i know you're gonna get there, you'll be all right'. we haven't spoken for ages now because she went to art academy and i'm still in high school and some people just leave. but just sometimes this crosses my mind, and believe her but i also wonder what she meant exactly because i just don't know what i want to do with my life.

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  1. Same here. Ook niet wetend wat ik straks ga doen...

    Ga je niet naar BKS trouwens? Aangezien de bands die er komen je vast ook wel cool vindt? Alt-J is heel tof inderdaad (: