March 03, 2013

 when i started this blog my goal was to stop wasting my life. i don't really remember what i meant by that, but i guess i wanted to do more fun things and be inspired. at this point i'm very uninspired, it annoys me and i get sad and my brain just starts over thinking the whole purpose of my being. which is hard. i did meet some inspiring people who actually invited me to go with them to parties and it was lovely and confronting. as much as i love my friends we don't have much of the same interests, is it possible to love someone but not like them? i think so, it might be that way, i do like some of them don't get me wrong. maybe my dreams are too big, maybe this city is too small, it's a vicious circle. i wish that it didn't matter but it does.

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  1. Herkenbaar. Soms zou ik gewoon iedereen en alles willen verlaten en naar IJsland gaan om vervolgens op een niet-uit-te-spreken berg een biertje te drinken... Achja.