September 27, 2012

the best festival act i ever attended was this year at rock werchter, pearl jam. a lovely friend and i stood there 3 acts beforehand and we ended up completely against the front fences. i find eddie vedder an extremely charismatic person and so so lovely and the concert was so good. his voice is sometimes raw and so full of passion. at some point during the concert he left the stage and started running along the front fences and high fiving people and yes yes yes i high fived eddie effin vedder. my friend and i were screaming like idiots for 5 minutes after that. also, apparently we were standing next to this guy who was following the complete pearl jam tour and actually knew the band members, and they recognised him and started signing at him (and for a moment we thought it was for us haha, but after our jumping and madness they should have noticed us i am sure of it) and afterward we spoke to the guy and it was really lovely and we were so happy and thinking about it makes me smile.

eddie vedder also made some great soundtrack music and solo albums.
Hard Sun (Into the Wild soundtrack) by Eddie Vedder
(he didn't write the song tho)

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